Data Sources

This website uses publically available data sources and applies transformations and subject matter expertise in order to transform them into useful information.

Case and Death Counts

Every hour, an automated process scrapes the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Resources Covid-19 Dashboard and saves a copy of the information that they make available on the covid-data repository. Cone Health began compiling these data early in the pandemic as the state did not provide any longitudinal data at the time (especially not in late March when we first wrote this code). In this repository, several programs are run that process the information from NCDHHS which include generating the case counts and compiling some demographic trends for the state. While the state issues updates now on a weekly basis, our website takes the last data pulled on a given date and does not revise history (for instance if the state reported 30 cases on a day, but later revised this number up or down, the covid-data site will retain the data as it stood on the previous date).1 This can result in some slight differences in case counts, but generally, the data are in agreement.

Vaccination Rates and CDC Transmission Metrics

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has established metrics for community and school transmission data as well as makes available data available for counties across the United States.

Population Statistics

Population statistics are generally sourced from either the United States Census Bureau’s American Community Survey or from the North Carolina State Demographer.

Social Vulnerability

Social Vulnerability Index is an aggregate measure that is provided by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This is a measure constructed using government data (e.g. American Community Survey) that measures the resiliance of a community to different kinds of stress.

  1. This is the practice that was initially observed on the Johns Hopkins Covid-19 tracker and was retained for our purposes.↩︎


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